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We are pleased to announce FedAdvantage, the new and revised supplemental Long Term Disability Insurance Plan for civilian federal employees and insured by MetLife. MetLife, one of the most respected disability insurance providers in the industry, is now offering this low-cost, comprehensive disability insurance plan to most federal employees.

Managed and administered by FedAdvantage, this program is a guaranteed acceptance plan available to all civilian federal employees except Postal Workers, USPS employees, and is designed to “fill in the gaps” from any sick leave or disability retirement programs offered through the federal government.

Product highlights include the following:

Choice of three plans, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Combined Short Term/Long Term to fit all budgets.

Benefits paid as early as 30 days

Up to $10,000 per month, tax-free

Replaces 67% of your income

Benefits payable for twelve months or to age 65

Disability benefits are paid income tax free

Partial disability benefits

Vocational and Rehabilitative benefits to help you get back on your feet and back to work

Low cost group contract

Guaranteed acceptance, no medical exam

Convenient payroll deduction

Coverage for government contractors

In many cases, you can pay for the FedAdvantage Long Term Disability policy as well as a life insurance policy equal to five times your salary with the savings generated from our life insurance comparison at allfeds.com. Our average savings for senior, highly compensated federal employees who currently carry FEGLI Option “B” has been $100,000 over twenty years. That means you can fully protect your family against death and disability for what you are currently paying for FEGLI Option “B”.