Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance for Federal Employees……you can’t afford NOT to have it!

Complaints and allegations of wrongdoing have simply become the cost of doing business for many full and part time federal employees. Federal employees professional liability coverage is very effective in covering the risks associated with your federal employment especially if your duties include:

* Protecting our nations’ security

* Working in the intelligence community

* Providing law enforcement or federal security

* Managing or supervising federal employees

* Making decisions on public policy or in the public interest

* Providing medical or financial services

* Regulating products, businesses or security matters

If you are in a position of increased responsibility such as manager, supervisor, law enforcement officer or other vulnerable position, your agency will pay up to half the cost of this insurance because the risk associated with your federal employment cannot be completely covered by legislation.

For federal managers and supervisors, the policy also includes, at no additional cost,  coverage for employment practices liability claims such as allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination retaliation and wrongful termination.

Who needs FEDS Protection?


For additional information about your exposure or policy provisions, please contact Federal Employees Defense Services or FEDS