Supplmental Medical Expense Plan For Federal Employees

“Supplemental Medical Expense Insurance” for Federal Employees!

An exciting new supplemental insurance plan underwritten by Companion Life and administered by FedAdvantage.

Plan highlights include….

  •        Guaranteed Acceptance… medical questions or exams
  •        All employees, dependents and retirees  covered under FEHB are eligible
  •        No age restrictions
  •        Four affordable options to best fit your situation
  •        Convenient payment option through federal salary allotment
  •        Coverage for in-network and out of network
  •        Benefits credited toward deductibles and co-insurance under FEHB
  •        No pre-existing condition restrictions

For a complete plan description, sample rates and an easy enrollment form, please contact us at or call us at 888-330-1790.

If you have co-workers or retirees who might benefit from this guaranteed acceptance plan, please alert them to this plan.