Fedadvantage Disability Plan For Air Traffic Controllers

Federal Air Traffic Controllers have long sought a quality, comprehensive long term disability plan. Finally, MetLife has made their FedAdvantage disability plan available to ALL Federal Air Traffic Controllers.

FedAdvantage highlights include the following:

  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • up to $10,000 monthly benefit
  • Benefits payable to age 65
  • monthly benefits up to 60% or 70% tax free
  • Coverage includes work related disability
  • Portable if you leave the government
  • Convenient federal payroll deduction

For years, many–but not all–controllers have had access to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association or NATCA, plan. The FedAdvantage plan is not limited to any class of controller…it is available to all Federal Air Traffic Controllers!

Please take a minute to review the attached  comparison between the NATCA plan and MetLife’s FedAdvantage plan…

FedAdvantage Disability Plan for Federal Air Traffic Controllers vs NATCA