Quality Long Term Disability Plan For Federal Air Marshals

Federal Air Marshals or FAMs have long been looking for a quality, supplemental, long term disability plan. Finally they have access to the FedAdvantage supplemental disability plan underwritten by MetLife and offered through allFeds.com. Whether it’s the guaranteed acceptance, $10,000 tax-free monthly benefit or benefits payable to age 65, the FedAdvantage plan has been very well received by FAMs throughout the country. This same plan is also available to all federal law enforcement, including FBI, Secret Service, NCIS, CIA, NSA and DEA.

It is literally possible for every eligible and interested federal law enforcement officer to be enrolled and covered within thirty days.

Plan highlights include the following:

Guaranteed acceptance…no exam…no medical questions

Tax-free benefits up to $10,000 per month

Choice of 60% or 70% of salary

Benefits payable up to age 65

Partial or residual disability coverage

Coverage for work related disability

Cost of living rider on 70% plan

For an individual quote based on your personal profile, please visit allFeds.com or call 1-888-330-1790.